North County Widows and Widowers Club

About Us

Objective: The Widows and Widowers Club of North County is a group of mature, active men and women, who share their experiences in the loss of a spouse, and wish to rebuild a social network in a safe, encouraging, and upbeat environment. 

Our Events:  We invite you to join in the fun at one of these enjoyable events: Dinner dance at a local country club with a live band;  Dinner dances at local Elks Lodges with a live band;   A monthly champagne brunch at a wonderful North County location;      Book Club;  Monthly Social Happy Hours at a variety of North County restaurants and pubs.  Please note:  See our Special Events listed in our Monthly Newsletter.

Eligibility: Any unmarried person who at some time has had a loss of a spouse is eligible to apply for membership after meeting the following requirement of attending any three functions as listed in the monthly newsletter. 

Approval: Acceptance of all applicants shall be subject to review by the Board of Directors at our regular monthly meeting. Membership shall then become effective on the first day of the month following final approval by the Board of Directors and upon payment of the annual dues of $45.00.

Note:Our Membership Chairperson, Anne Stephens at (760) 757-2029 is available to answer any questions you might have regarding membership.

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